Number Name Description Dis. Level Due date Status
D7.1 Dissemination plan Provides the consortium with the strategic direction with regard to the dissemination of the project results and outcomes. Public 31-Jul-17 Submitted
D7.2 ROBORDER Website and dissemination material Provides (i) the project presentation, (ii) project overview communication kit and (iii) a brief project Fact Sheet suitable for web publishing and (iv) the project website. Public 31-Jul-17 Submitted
D8.1 Project management and quality assurance plan Defines: (i) the guidelines followed by Consortium members to ensure high quality research, development and reporting, (ii) measures to be taken in case of detected or prognosticated quality flaws, (iii) quality assurance responsibilities. Public 31-Jul-17 Submitted
D9.3 POPD-Requirement No.10 Includes relevant authorizations for the use of secondary personal data in case of data not publicly available. Confidential 31-Jul-17 Submitted
D8.2 Self-assessment and data management plan V1 Outlines the assessing plan of project objectives, with quantitative measures and indicators where appropriate. Reports the data requirements description for supporting R&D activities. Public 31-Oct-17 Submitted
D5.1 Technological roadmap Contains the outline of the time plan for the development of the platform. It will specify: (i) the progressively increasing functionality, (ii) the temporal and functional synchronization of the individual modules, (iii) the resources that will be needed to achieve this functionality and (iv) the technical infrastructure requirements and specifications. EU Restricted 31-Oct-17 Submitted
D6.1 Evaluation methodology using benchmarking Reports the description of a common benchmarking for performance evaluation in different use cases. EU Restricted 31-Oct-17 Submitted
D9.4 OEI-Requirement No.14 Includes approvals for the operation of UAVs Confidential 31-Oct-17 Submitted
D2.1 Communication architecture report Reports the results of the design and development activities of the communication architecture. EU Restricted 30-Apr-18 Submitted
D2.2 Performance assessment of ROBORDER configurations Summarizes the initial results i.e. the simulation-based assessment in different operational conditions and use cases, as well as the results of the design and development activities of the different sensors. EU Restricted 30-Apr-18 Submitted
D5.2 Technical requirements and operational architecture Includes all technical aspects to be implemented by the system and descriptions of the primary and secondary functions as well as the system architecture description. EU Restricted 30-Apr-18 Submitted
D9.1 H-Requirement No. 5 Copies of ethics approvals for the research with humans. Confidential 30-Apr-18 Submitted
D9.2 POPD-Requirement No.6 Copies of opinion or confirmation by the competent Institutional Data Protection Officer and/or authorization or notification by the National Data Protection Authority Confidential 30-Apr-18 Submitted
D9.5 DU-Requirement No. 15 Includes details on potential dual use implications of the project and risk-mitigation strategies as well as copies ethics approvals if applicable. Confidential 30-Apr-18 Submitted
D7.3 Market analysis Describes a thorough market analysis on the domain of interest of the project. Public 30-Jun-18 Submitted
D6.2 Action plan for PUC Actuation plan which will establish the required steps to accomplish testing of the different pilot use cases. Public 31-Jul-18 Submitted
D7.4 Mid-Term dissemination reports Provides an overview of the various dissemination activities of the project concluded by the delivery time. Reports activities of the user group and list of all the papers, presentations, publications and demonstrations. Public 31-Oct-18 Submitted
D8.3 Mid-term review and progress report Documents the projectÕs objectives and a summary of the results during the first period. Public 31-Oct-18 Submitted
D1.1 Draft of concept of operation, use cases and requirements Summarises the planned concept of operations, initial use cases and user, ethical, legal and security requirements. EU Restricted 31-Oct-18 Submitted
D5.3 First integrated ROBORDER system Covers topics specified as objectives of MS3. EU Restricted 31-Oct-18 Submitted
D6.3 First M&S based test bed demonstration Present the M&S federation including simulators, hardware and software in the loop for demonstrating the proposed use cases for each evaluation cycle. EU Restricted 31-Oct-18 Submitted
D6.6 First evaluation report Covers the evaluation of the first prototype. EU Restricted 31-Oct-18 Submitted
D9.6 GEN-Requirement No.19 Comprises a report by the ethics Advisor along with the periodic reports Confidential 31-Oct-18 Submitted
D8.4 Self-assessment and data management plan V2 Defines the revised assessment plan and monitors the evolution of the projectÕs requirements and objectives, the implementation of the plan for each objective, and an updated data management report. Public 31-Jan-20 Submitted
D2.3 Final sensors implementations Summarizes activities including the passive radar operation mode, the microwave passive sensor, the detailed overview of their hardware, the results of the ground based photonic radar networks, and their interoperability with the other sensors and systems. EU Restricted 31-Jan-20 Submitted
D2.4 Adaptability solutions for robotic platforms Reports the results of the design and development activities, including the list of adaptations to adverse environmental conditions, the carrying system and the onboard UGVs re-charging solution. EU Restricted 31-Jan-20 Submitted
D5.4 Second integrated ROBORDER system Covers topics specified as objectives of MS4. EU Restricted 29-Feb-20 Submitted
D6.4 Second M&S based test bed demonstration Present the second M&S federation including interoperable simulators and hardware and software in the loop (based on the availability of assets to be included in the federation) for demonstrating the proposed PUCs for each evaluation EU Restricted 31-Mar-20 Submitted
D8.6 Ethical Code and Updates on Data Protection Provides updates on the project's ethics requirements. Confidential 31-Mar-20 Submitted
D3.1 Event and activity detection and recognition Second report on the radar processing, optical processing, visual recognition and fusion techniques used for the detection of marine pollution incidents and abnormal events and person/object tracking. EU Restricted 30-Apr-20 Submitted
D4.1 UxVs tele-operation framework and interface Second presentation the plug and play system for the remote operation including the human-robot interface. Document the implementation of the resource controller and the specific aspects of the MDL textual and graphical editor. EU Restricted 30-Apr-20 Submitted
D3.2 Intrusion and illegal communications detection Second document for the intrusion detection and classification algorithms of the IDCM module, including the perspective software and techniques for tracking illegal communications. EU Restricted 30-Jun-20 Submitted
D4.2 Visual analytics and decision support tools based on risk models and reasoning methods Second presentation of (i) the domain knowledge for detecting threats and hazardous situation, (ii) extension and adaptation of situation theory ontologies, (iii) development and definition of high-level fusion nodes and reasoning methods, (iv) risk model integration scheme, (v) visual analytics methods for the visualization of the fusion and risk models results, and (vi) decision support. EU Restricted 30-Jun-20 Submitted
D4.3 Command and control unit Will include the command and control unit software. EU Restricted 30-Jun-20 Submitted
D7.6 Business model Specifies the exploitable foreground to arise from the project, provides the plans for exploitation by all the partners and includes specific business models from project assets. Confidential 31-Jul-20 Submitted
D6.7 Second evaluation report Covers the evaluation of the second prototype. EU Restricted 31-Aug-20 Submitted
D1.2 Final concept of operation, use cases and requirements Provides the final PUCs including the respective concept of operation and user, legal, ethical and secuirity requirements based on the 2nd prototype evaluation EU Restricted 31-Mar-21 Submitted
D5.5 Final integrated ROBORDER system Provide the final system covering topics specified as objectives of MS5. EU Restricted 30-Jun-21 Submitted
D6.9 Operator training manual Provide the operator training material and manual. EU Restricted 30-Jun-21 Submitted
D6.5 Final M&S based Test Bed demonstration Provides the M&S federation for demonstrating the proposed PUCs for the third evaluation cycle EU Restricted 31-Aug-21 Submitted
D6.8 Final evaluation reports Covers the evaluation of the third prototype. EU Restricted 31-Aug-21 Submitted
D7.5 Final dissemination reports Provides an overview of the various dissemination activities of the project concluded by the delivery time. Reports activities of the user group and list of all the papers, presentations, publications and demonstrations. Public 31-Aug-21 Submitted
D7.7 Report on standards and collaborations Summarises the analysis and the recommendation of the different standards and the collaborations with other projects. Public 31-Aug-21 Submitted
D7.8 Exploitation plan and sustainability model Provide a complete overview of the project results considering the appropriate business model to promote and develop a stainable plan to encourage commercialization. Confidential 31-Aug-21
D8.5 Public final activity report Presents the projectÕs consortium, objectives, results, impact achieved and the final report of the data management. Public 31-Aug-21 Submitted